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The BCCG provides a strong network for people interested in becoming part of the British-German business community. By promoting dialogue between members, politicians and other cooperating organisations, the BCCG contributes towards important developments affecting members' business interests.

Membership enables you to expand your own business network to business partners and other relevant contacts, most important in these challenging times. Our variety of conferences and other events reflect the interests of our members (about 900) and other business partners. With these events and other networking opportunities, the BCCG promotes mutual business and trade between the United Kingdom and the Germany.

BCCG Network Benefits

1. Bilateral Trade and Business Organisation:
BCCG Is a non-profit business association offering the largest British-German business and institutional network, supporting its members through publications, website and events.

2. Contacts and Members:
With around 900 members and 4,000 personal adressees the BCCG offers personal contacts in all industrial and service sectors as well as political or other trade organisations.

3. BCCG Regional Presence:
BCCG is represented throughout Germany and the UK with ten regional committees offering direct contacts and support in Germany and the UK.

4. Membership Expertise:
The BCCG uses members expertise to the benefit of its members and contacts.

5. Policies and Special Themes:
BCCG has formed expert groups on the subject of  Brexit as well as other policies to discuss and give advice relevant to members, interested parties and politicians

6. Political Contacts:
BCCG supports its membership interests by maintaining political contacts in Germany and the UK

7. Networking and Events:
BCCG offers an abundance of networking opportunities in all regions each year through over 100 annual content driven events in co-operation of members, partners and guests.

8. Business Knowledge:
BCCG offers special business guidance through pub-lications of PR– and professional articles, press releases and advertising in its publications, the e-News Update as well as on the BCCG Website, reaching all network and other contacts.

9. BCCG Office:
The BCCG offers assistance by answering daily enquiries and establishing relevant contacts.

"We support the BCCG Foundation as BP understands itself as a corporate citizen in all countries in which it conducts its business and because we find the aim of the Foundation worthy of support. The issue of education and mentoring of students play a central role in the support mechanisms that BP undertakes as a Corporate Citizen."

BCCG-TestimonialDr. Ruprecht Brandis
Director External Affairs Deutschland
BP Europa SE, Berlin

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"Da das englische Wirtschaftsrecht, über das ich seit über 20 Jahren in der Fachliteratur und den Mitglieder-Rundschreiben der Deutsch-Britischen Juristenvereinigung publiziere, für grenzüberschreitende Transaktionen von besonderer Bedeutung ist, und unsere – auf den Mittelstand fokussierte – Kanzlei auch international ausgerichtet ist, war es nur folgerichtig, der BCCG beizutreten. Sie bietet den Anwälten, die britische Unternehmen im Zusammenhang mit deren Geschäftstätigkeit in Deutschland beraten und deutsche Unternehmen bei deren Geschäftstätigkeiten in Großbritannien begleiten, eine hervorragende Plattform zur Vernetzung. "

BCCG-TestimonialKlaus Vorpeil

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